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Trilby TV has given our pupils a real voice around school! To start with, Neil Emery and Ben Stanley have to be two of the most enthused, genuine people you will meet in education and you can see the passion they have for their product as soon a (More)
Mrs C Jones wrote: Weekly vlog - 03.03.17
Due to popular demand, Matthew is back presenting the weather, let's see what the week ahead holds! Like Year 6, Year 5 are now taking it in turns to present 'Sports News' and this week Josh joins the 'Dojo' boys. Please let all the presenters (More)
Mrs C Jones wrote: Weekly vlog - 24.02.17
This week's Vlog features a new weather slot from Layton's own weatherman, Matthew in Year 6! Each week he'll keep us updated of storms and the week ahead. Starting this week, Year 5 will sign up for presenting Sports news, like Year 6 do, giving (More)
Mrs C Jones wrote: Weekly Vlog - 10.02.17
Many thanks and a huge well done to: Lewis, Niamh and Dan for stepping in at the last minute and collecting a whole week's news in just half an hour, what true professionals! We now have Class Dojo as a regular feature, sharing the awards children (More)
Mrs C Jones wrote: Weekly Vlog - 03.02.17
This week's vlog features a new Class Dojo section where we'll share our children's Dojo achievements, which are linked with our 5Rs. Sports news is also back and hosted by Mr Newcombe. We'd love to know your thoughts and if you'd like to see anyt (More)