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Mrs Maddocks wrote: Kung Fu Punctuation with 6R
Miss O Domics wrote: No Pens Day!
What an action packed (pen free) day!  Today we were not allowed to use pens and so had to think outside the teaching box! Maths : We used our ratio, proportion, fraction, measuring and conversion skills to bake delicious rocky road! It is (More)
Miss O Domics wrote: Well done 6D!
  Wow! I am so impressed with how hard you all worked today during Literacy! You pulled apart the Harry Potter extract (and video clip) amazing well! Which was your favourite bit? Did you learn any new words? Look at our hard work... (More)
https://youtu.be/NFMWecQ9nGk (More)
    4M have been debating whether or not it was fair that Barnaby Brocket was forced to wear a weighted rucksack. After listening to all the arguments, the children voted and decided that it wasn't fair to make him wear a rucksack fill (More)
The children in 4M were given a scene from Jack and Jill and were asked to act it out in pairs to see if they could identify the features of a play script. Each pair learnt something new from the one previous and refined their productions. This meant (More)
Miss Wheatley wrote: Smart Spellers!
Mr Moor wrote: Super Spelling
Well done to all who achieved full marks in this week's spelling test. Keep up the hard work. (More)
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