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We were very excited to be introduced to our new Literacy text this morning... Alex Rider Mission 1 : Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz  We have read the first chapter and so many of us are desperate to hear more. There are many copies of t (More)
Miss Rogers wrote: SPaG Revision: Prounouns
For the SPaG test you need to be aware of singular pronouns, possessive pronouns and relative pronouns. If you are unsure of either of these terms use the slideshare to help you. Pronouns from Academic Supervisor (More)
Mrs Maddocks wrote: Jay and Jack - puppet pals
Miss Rogers wrote: Puppet Pals
In literacy today we have used our play scripts that we had written based on Lauren Child's 'Who's afraid of the big, bad book?' along with the app Puppet Pals to create our own version of a scene from the book. (More)
Apostrophe- omission and possession from natywoodward (More)
Miss O Domics wrote: SPaG Sentence!
Tell me the class that each word belongs to in the following sentence: The Grinch deafeningly screamed that he loathed Christmas entirely!  Can you up-level the sentence? Miss Domics :) (More)
Miss O Domics wrote: 100 Word Challenge Prompt!
I am looking for some really carefully planned out pieces this week. The prompt is: …it was too high… Things to think about: What is ‘IT’? If it is too high, what size should it be? Why is the height a problem? (More)
Before you watch the video below, see if you can guess which are Australia's 10 deadliest creatures. You might be surprised, I know that I was! Top 10 Deadliest Animals in Australia from Susan Moor on Vimeo. (More)
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