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In Literacy, 4M have been writing their own cliffhangers about how Alfie and his Dad rescued Gabz from the evil Miss Root. These have now been published in ibooks and can be read worldwide. . If you have access to a QR scanner on your phone or tabl (More)
Miss O Domics wrote: Our Stories For Children!
Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been creating stories, using the app 'Book Creator'. They have also created all their own illustrations, using the app 'Paper 53'. We are hoping to receive opinions from KS1 pupils on which story they (More)
I was so impressed by the children's play scripts and their fantastic acting. Many of them certainly got into character and portrayed the Golden Ticket winners very well. (More)
This week's homework is to find a poem that makes you laugh or you simply like. You can either copy it into your learning log or post it here onto the blog. Tell us why you like this poem and why it makes you smile. (More)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ilcGqdzxBw Which side would you be on? For or against? Miss Domics (More)
Miss Bunce wrote: Golden Tickets!
We have started our new book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. On Monday we acted like the characters in the book and opened up some chocolate bars - hoping that we had a golden ticket! Miss Bunce :) (More)
Miss Bunce wrote: Roald Dahl
We have started looking at Roald Dahl in preparation for our new topic! We have collected facts about his life, and we are about to start writing biographies. What have you learnt about Roald Dahl? Which one of his books do you think we mig (More)
Mrs Nutt wrote: Newspaper Orientation!
5N have been great little reporters today and have created their orientation paragraph for their upcoming articles! 📰 They wrote their first draft and then improved it to include our success criteria. Here is Chloe's brilliant example o (More)
Today we were all very lucky to be able to go and watch Gangsta Granny at The Grand Theatre. What a fabulous time we had and we really enjoyed ourselves. A great way to end the week!   (More)
Mrs England wrote: Handa's Surprise
1E tasting the fruit from Handa's Surprise. (More)
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