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Mrs C Jones wrote: Weekly vlog - 03.03.17
Due to popular demand, Matthew is back presenting the weather, let's see what the week ahead holds! Like Year 6, Year 5 are now taking it in turns to present 'Sports News' and this week Josh joins the 'Dojo' boys. Please let all the presenters (More)
Mrs C Jones wrote: Weekly Vlog - 10.02.17
Many thanks and a huge well done to: Lewis, Niamh and Dan for stepping in at the last minute and collecting a whole week's news in just half an hour, what true professionals! We now have Class Dojo as a regular feature, sharing the awards children (More)
Mrs C Jones wrote: Final Vlog of 2016!
Here's our final Vlog of 2016! It's only been a two and a half day week but so much has happened again in school. Have a lovely Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all back on Monday 9th January 2017 :-) (More)
Mrs C Jones wrote: Week 12 Vlog
Mrs C Jones wrote: Vlog week 11 - 25.11.16