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Worn every day, Old man like, Right arm broken, KIckes by Master, EternaL sadness, Rest is not allowed, So little light seeing    Monsterous to all children, Agony he brings to my life, So violent and black-hearted (More)
Dear Diary, Well it all began when I was playing the awesome game minecraft.... I was building a giant egg, chocolate, it was colossal! I went inside to view my creation( I had this idea from a cream egg on my desk which I was going to eat.) Wi (More)
Unknown wrote: !!! Rattle Snakes !!!
Rattle Snake, Rattle snakes are best known for, and most easily recognised by,their rattle. The Rattle Snake,  feeds on many creatures such as mice, rats,rabbits,gophers,ground dwelling birds,lizards and other small creatures.The live In the West (More)
Dear Diary, As usual you know I have a extra-ordinary life I have seen amazing things this is the next one.... When I was returning from my journey around the world I was at my final destination-America! I saw a huge tower there were odd words on i (More)
Lava Lamps! 1)First, fill a small water bottle up with 1/4 water and 3/4 oil ( not to the top or else it will over-flow. Science Part The oil and the water will separate because the liquids are immiscible and the oil is hydrophobic so it wi (More)
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