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Unknown wrote: 100 word challenge
Deadly silence engulfed the space. All I had was a flame. As the flame flickered and then went out, I was surrounded by darkness as it viciously suffocated me . A sinister shadow was lurking around. I could sense it. Then it as.Slowly surging , it wa (More)
Wailing intensly, Eclarva (the Royal guard) fastened the chamber door tightly inserting the keys into the wooden hanger, leaving pieces of the King's Feast behind. "You belong here now..." Announced Eclarva offering a mischievous look. As soon (More)
Growing bigger, the flames surrounded me. I tried to scream but no soul could hear my desperate voice. Agony pinned me down, not letting go. Bigger and bigger it grew. Petrified, I layed there, hoping and pleading that someone, anyone would find me. (More)
Unknown wrote:
Tightrope walking is my favourite hobby. Since my uncle retired I've been practicing to replace him at the circus and, so far it's going great. On my 12th birthday my uncle said he'd teach me how to hook up a wire, that made me really happy. Tryout (More)
Dear Diary, Today I died. Working on my latest project (BKE-Z89) something, unexpected happened. I was inserting the final component into the A.I segment when, out of no-where, I heard an ear-piercing roar. I ran into the hallway to find where it wa (More)
Unknown wrote: 100WC Super Heroes!
Guardians Of The Galaxy Name: Peter Quill Hero Name: Star Lord Guardian Role: Leader Species: Human/Zandar hybrid Special Skills: Stealth and shooting, he will always hit his target. Extra information: As he is half Zandar he is capable of hold (More)
Miss O Domics wrote: 100 Word Challenge Pen Pals
Over half term, a school from Iowa (USA) contacted us through the 100wc website. They asked if we would like to become pen pals, with us commenting on their writing and vice versa. We think this is amazing that a child in America is going to, not (More)
Unknown wrote: Kai's 100WC Week 6
Alice was your normal seven year old. Short. Not too smart not too dumb. And scared of what lurks in the darkness. One night, the first night in a new house, she had heard a noise coming from her wardrobe. Grabbing a torch, she began investigating, (More)
Unknown wrote: Kai's 100WC Week 5
“Come on this fire won’t put itself out!” yelled one fireman to the others as they flew into the heat (literally) of the action. Water was gushing by the gallons trying to put out the fire but to no avail. “We can’t let it spread come on! (More)
Mrs Maddocks wrote: Luke M has been showcased!
Well done Luke M - your 100wc has been showcased, chosen from thousands of entries around the globe! Take a look the showcased entries and click Luke's link or go straight to his Luke's blog - please leave a comment for him. (More)
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