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Unknown wrote: Sinister 100WC
  On a dark night there was a child whose parents died in a car crash, but he was just a baby so he didn't know. But now he's a full grown man and is about to embark on a sinister secret. It was a stormy night and the man was working on an in (More)
Unknown wrote: 100 word challenge
Dear diary, Just a normal day when it all happened ...BANG! I heard an ear splitting scream I ran to the house, there was smoke coming out  of the back door, flames were towering over me. I found the girls mum I put her in the garden and turned t (More)
Unknown wrote: 100wc The House!
That night,  it was Halloween and me and my friends went to London to visit a spooky house just built. They gave away so many sweets it was mouth watering! I got told there was a stash in the house somewhere so we decided to break in and steal it al (More)
Unknown wrote: 100 word Challenge
Jeff and I were wandering through town to get the kids a Christmas present, as it was only six days until it Christmas.  We  were running through the shops like cheatahs - Jeff and I ran through to find the Christmas presents that the kids wanted. (More)
Unknown wrote: 100wc
I had a long day. Immediately when I got home I went straight upstairs to bed. I'm not sure what happened but I think I woke up. So I went down stairs to make some toast,that I thought would help me. Whilst,I was waiting for it to be cooked. A flame (More)
Unknown wrote: 100 Word Challenge
...as the flame flickered and then went out... The night was cold and stormy, not a living-soul in sight. Isolation led me to slowly step back home. Twisting the handle, my hand turned to ice. As I stepped inside, I sensed the loneliness creep up (More)
A dark, gloomy evening I was on the streets alone - I was the only person there. Suddenly, a flame appeared right in front of my very eyes. The flames grew bigger as they towered over me. Turning around to run away, someone was behind me; I could sen (More)
Unknown wrote: Katiet's 100wc
  Cautiously, I stepped into the deep dark cave - scared and frightened. What creatures would lie behind here? And what would they be? I wanted to turn back, but I couldn't - I needed to conquer my fears of darkness, so I stepped deeper into (More)
Unknown wrote: 100 word challenge
...as the flame flickered and then went out... It was an icy night.The trees were swaying side to side as the coldness devoured the night sky. Mum was making hot chocolate to try and warm us up but all of a sudden she noticed that the fire had a s (More)
"Quickly!" Yelled Jim, "we're not going to make it!" "But we have to, if we don't we have lost the race!" replied Luke. As the two boys kept on running they turned the corner, "We've almost made it Luke, look it's the golden flame," Jim whisper (More)
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