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Unknown wrote: My 100 word challenge
Jeffory (who had money burning a hole in his pocket)  entered an antique shop when his eye was drawn to a whistle in the window . A man sat quietly in the corner of the small room... lifeless with no emotions "Umm...hi!" "Just buy what you wa (More)
Unknown wrote: Natalie wc
When I got back from the beach as the flame flickered and then went out I could not see where I was going because, in the dark, I was trying to go to my bedroom. I staggered into my room even though my room had been painted I don't know why it was ha (More)
Unknown wrote: 100 WC
The room was shrouded in darkness. Only a dim candle's light faintly glowed on the corner table, creating a slight aura of warmth. To most children, this would be enough to scare 'the monsters' away. But Thomas wasn't fooled so easily. He knew (More)
Unknown wrote: 100wc by Katie H.
Creeping towards me, a, black, thick fog towered behind my back. Trembling in fear, I held my breath. Screams of terrified people became louder and louder. Walking closer into the woods, a flickering light of flames revealed itself. Opening the door, (More)
Trembling anxiously, a pair of suspicious men glared angrily at me -sending a spine-chilling shiver down my arched back. As a black blanket painted the sky, I lit a small candle and carefully laid it down on the dusty, oak windowsill. Darkness drowne (More)
Unknown wrote: 100 word challenge
I was with my brother and it was a stormy night. I was hungry;  I went to the kitchen to have some food but there was none left. I decided  to go to the shop, someone shouted "Fire! Fire! Help!" I broke into the house. It was a little boy crying (More)
Warm flames towered higher and higher into the smog infested sky; the pub was soon going to be a pile of dust - the darkness growing every second. I ran back in fear for my aging father, hoisting him on my shoulders as the flame flickered and went o (More)
Unknown wrote: 100wc
"Awhooo!" howled a wolf . We were in the middle of the forest waiting for our dinner to cook. Me and my freind Mackenzie sat on a log wanting to eat - we hadn't eaten the whole day. Suddenly, I saw red eyes in the darkness and a bloodfang sabre tooth (More)
Night had fallen. I was wide awake on my sleeping bag staring at the top of my tent. Suddenly, I saw a bright light coming from outside. I stepped out of my tent and saw that the fire was going, no one was awake so I blew it out. As the flame flicker (More)
Unknown wrote: 100wc
Wintery trees started to sway frantically from side to side, the wind was howling constantly. Suddenly my best friend Mellissa and I could smell smoke - struggling to breathe, we began to cough. Worried, we wondered what was going on; bravely Melliss (More)
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